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When considering the purchase of a pre-owned truck or car we strongly encourage a pre-purchase inspection, regardless if the truck comes from a dealership, internet or a friend.  We want to make sure you are getting  your money’s worth and you have a complete understanding of the concerns and strengths of the specific vehicle you are purchasing.  Here at T & A Performance we want you to get the best truck for your hard earned money.  We will provide you with a detailed list of strong points of the truck,  and concerns both mechanical and safety.  We will also provide you potential future issues that could arise with the specific vehicle as well as what can be done to prevent them.  With our pre purchase inspection all you have to do is get the truck you are considering buying to our facility and let our professionals do a top to bottom inspection, so that we can give you the information you need, to make and educated buying decision. 


Even coming from a dealership, trucks are not all that they always claim it to be. Believe it or not, 70% of a dealerships used inventory has been bought from an auction where the decision to buy is only a matter of 5 minutes. Once brought to their dealership they make a decision to fix what they want to fix, trying to keep costs down and fix only what needs to be fixed. Which in turn gives you the headache later. That is why here we give you the ease of mind by sitting in our waiting room while we go in and find weather the truck you are deciding to purchase is a good buy or if you will have issues later.


Buying from an individual is even a lot more dangerous because a person only fixes what they can’t live without. Why are they selling the truck? Why is it a good deal? What is that noise? Why does it shake so much? Why does it smoke? That is our mission to answer all those questions for you. To give you a more educated sense in what you are buying, and a decision on weather or not to buy the truck. Especially with diesel motors there are a lot of hidden factors that get overlooked when trying to make the decision to buy. We know what to look for, and we have the equipment to find those hidden problems. Especially with lifted trucks and custom suspensions, there will be weak points in components and joints and that can create future problems, or even hazardous accidents while out with family or friends. Accidents that you can avoid by getting an inspection.


We don’t want our customers or future customers to be stuck in a truck that will cost thousands in repairs, we would much rather have our customers buying upgrades and personalizing their vehicles to make their own.


Call today to arrange your inspection from a Reno Sparks automotive shop.


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